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About Jetty Enterprise Java development does not need to be heavyweight and Ant-driven. Learn to bypass the complexity of setting up and maintaining a standalone web container. Instead learn how to embed the web server into your application with embedded Jetty. “Don’t deploy your application in Jetty, deploy Jetty in your application!” Some of the …

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Apache TomEE

About Apache TomEE Apache TomEE with instructor-led online training offerings through ManageCat professional training services. ManageCat provides professional enterprise-grade training for organizations who want to knowledge their people and teams about Apache TomEE.  Our training includes live exercises each student work in real Apache TomEE environment running in our training platform in Amazon Web Services (AWS).  …

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About Glassfish Glassfish training is in demand as Glassfish rapidly gains traction as a great platform for developers to use in development and testing environments and for use in production as a lightweight JEE application server.  Glassfish backed by commercial support from Oracle compliments existing Oracle middleware products and services.  In the Introduction to Glassfish Administration …

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About NGINX Build a strong foundation in NGINX with this practical course suited to both beginners and the more experienced. Learn to customise the NGINX installation Configure NGINX as a web server Install & configure a server-side programming language as an NGINX backend Learn to tweak NGINX for optimal performance Secure NGINX with some security best …

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