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Protocol Testing Tutorial

Protocol Testing Website   Protocol Testing YouTube/Video Tutorial Link   Protocol Testing Certification   Protocol Testing Interview Questions   Protocol Testing Job Titles Network Protocol Testing Engineer Protocol testing The protocol testing is a cumulative term used by the communication industries or organizations for the testing of different protocols …

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Security Testing Tutorial

Security Testing Website   Security Testing YouTube/Video Tutorial Link   Job Titles SDL – Security Testing   Alternatives Functional Testing, Pen Testing, Threat Modeling   Security Testing Certification Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP)   Security Testing Interview Questions   Security Testing Security Testing is a type of software testing that intends to …

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Performance Testing Tutorial

Performance Testing Website   Performance Testing YouTube/Video Tutorial Link   Performance Testing Job Titles Test Lead Performance Testing, Performance Test Engineer   Performance Testing Alternatives Load Testing, Automation Testing, Stress Testing, Functional Testing, Manual Testing   Performance Testing Certification   Performance Testing Interview Questions   Overview of …

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LoadRunner Tutorial

LoadRunner Website   LoadRunner YouTube/Video Tutorial Link   LoadRunner Job Titles Performance Testing – Load Runner, Automation Test Engineer   LoadRunner Alternatives JMeter, Selenium, Performance Center, Storm Runner   LoadRunner Certifications HP LoadRunner Certification   LoadRunner   LoadRunner is a software testing tool from Micro Focus. It is used to test applications, …

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Selenium Tutorial

Selenium Website   Selenium YouTube   Tutorial Links   Job Titles Senior Test Engineer, Automation Tester with Selenium   Alternatives QTP, RPA, Appium   Certification   Selenium key words   Architecture   Architecture of Selenium WebDriver is all about how Selenium works internally. We know Selenium is a browser automation tool which interacts with browser …

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Agile Tutorial

Agile Website   Agile YouTube/Video Tutorial Links   Agile Job Titles Agile Technical Consultant, Scrum Master   Agile Alternatives Waterfall, Scrum, Devops, Agility, SpiralModel, PMP, Kanban   Agile Certification Agile Scrum Master Certification PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI ACP)® Certification Agile Interview Questions   Overview of Agile   Architecture By …

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About L2 Protocol L2 protocol is OSI (Open Systems Interconnection) Data Link Layer.  It synchronizes the bit steam flowing to and from physical layer and detects the transmission errors. Ex. Noise & Interference.   About L3 Protocol L3 protocol is also an OSI (Open Systems Interconnection) Network Layer.  This provides path for transferring data between …



About Selendroid Selendroid is said to be the automation test framework for testing an hybrid applications with android native. Selendroid tests are written using the Selenium Web driver client API, that allows for full navigation with existing framework.  This is a powerful testing tool.   What are the features of Selendroid Course? Full compatible with JSON …

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Performance Testing

About Performance Testing Performance Testing is a discipline which involves different techniques, systematic practices, and activities which takes place at each phase of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).  The required performance will be met by following this discipline.  It focuses on Architecture, Design and Implementation to build the Performance standards.   What are the objectives of Performance …

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Perfecto Mobile Testing

About Perfecto Mobile Testing Perfecto enables exceptional digital experiences.  We help you transform your business and strengthen every digital interaction with a quality-first approach to creating web and native apps, through a cloud-based test environment called the Continuous Quality Lab.  The CQL is comprised of real devices and real end-user conditions, giving you the truest test …

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