Emerging Trends for Could Services

Emerging trends driving the Demand for Could Services The following are the top cloud computing trends derived from cloud demand in 2018: Function-as – a-Service & Serverless Computing Multiple MNCs / service providers such as Amazon, Google, etc. Service providers discuss a new software architecture known as Function-as – a-Service (FaaS).

Machine learning algorithms and techniques make use of AI’s ability to simplify all end-to-end operations. The application of machine learning technologies provides companies with a wide range of new opportunities. These techniques are used to implement solutions that will change the way in which the customer interacts with a company’s products and services.

Cloud AI solutions are the novel items to be fully deployed in the market by introducing automation procedures to achieve improved customer experience. Google, for instance, also provides a Cloud AI platform to boost the companies of its customers. These new solutions, however, need to be powered by big data to predict patterns accurately.

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