About VB.Net

  • Enterprise application developers. Working either in-house or as contracted consultants, enterprise developers help companies streamline and improve their proprietary systems.
  • Web developers. Dynamic Web applications can use Visual Basic .NET for server management, data analysis, and code testing.

Windows developers. Programmers and engineers use VB.NET to code quickly for the Windows environment. Some developers use industry-specific experience from other jobs to complement their coding skills, becoming known as line-of-business specialists.


What are the objectives of VB.Net Course?

You will start by learning how to install and use the Visual Studio development environment. The course will then teach you how to build classes that define properties, methods, and events in VB.NET, as well as understand and use overloaded methods and operators and perform calculations.


What are the prerequisites of VB.Net Course?

  • Programmers and Developers


Certification of VB-Net

  • VB-Net Certification.


VB.NET Course Outine

Micro Soft .NET Overview

• Why .Net
• Introduction to .Net framework
• Basic functionality of CLR
• CTS & CLSÿ .Net languages
• System Requirements

Introduction to VB.NET

• Features of VB.NET
• Writing programmes in VB.NET
• Compiling and Executing from
• Command prompt
• Intro to Assemblies and Namespace
• Base class libraries
• Data types
• Option statements
• Boxing and Unboxing
• Array
• Sub programmes

Introduction to Visual Studio.NET

• VS 6.0 VS VS.NET
• File structure created for VS.NET APP
• Types of projects
• Creating Demo Console App

Object Oriented Programming

• Principles of OOP
• Structure VS Class
• Access Specifiers
• Properties
• Method Overloading
• Constructors
• Shared Modifier
• Inheritance
• Overloading and Overriding
• My base Keyboard
• Shadowing
• Abstract class
• Sealed class
• Interface
• Polymorphism
• Early Binding and Late Binding
• Destructor & Garbage Collector

GUI application development

• Introduction to system WINDOWS, Form, DLL
• Basic controls rich and Event driven programming
• Advanced controls Rich text box, Dialog
• Boxes, Toolbar…
• Working with context menu
• Main menu and MDI form
• Visual Inheritance


• Introduction to COM Architecture
• Disadvantages of COM
• Introduction to Assembly
• Private Assembly vs. Shared Assembly
• Creating private Assembly
• Probing and Preparing Configuration file
• Strong name utility
• Creating shared Assembly
• CLR Architecture
• Native Generator utilityÿ Assembly Versioning
• Compatibility of Assembly
• Configuring file for sharing Assembly

Data access with ADO.NET

• Introduction to Data Access Libraries DAO
• RDO and ADO
• Draw Back of ADO
• ADO.NET managed Data providers
• Introduction to system.Data.Oledb
• Data Reader
• Introduction to system.Data.SQLclient
• Preparing Statement
• Transaction handling
• Introduction to system.Data.Oracleclient
• Dataset and Data adapter
• Data Binding
• Data grid Programming
• Data View
• Data Relation


• Introduction to Delegate concept
• Event Handling Arch with Delegate
• Handles, Add Handler and Remove Handler

Multi Threading

• Thread Class
• Sleep, Suspend and Resuming Thread
• Asynchronous Connection
• Synchronization of Threads

Distributed APP Development

• Introduction to monolithic, 2 Tier and 3 Tier Arch
• Introduction to DCOM
• Disadvantages Of DCOM
• Introduction to remoting
• TCP and HTTP Channels
• Serialization and Deserialisation with Binary Formatter and SOAP Formatter
• Activation Modes Server Activated and client Activated
• Server Activated (Single call and single ton)
• Remoting Architecture
• System. Runtime. Remoting. DLL
• Apps for server Activated and client Activated

Windows control library

• Creating custom control extending existing control
• Creating custom control grouping existing controls

Interoperatibility with COM

• Creating custom control extending
• Creating Achiex DLL using VB 6.0
• Managed code and Unmanaged code
• Using Achiex DLL in VB.NET APP
• TLBIMP Utility
• Using .NET Assembly in VB 6.0 App
• TLBExp and Regasm UtilitiesCrystal reports

File Streams

Windows Service

• Introduction to service App
• System. Service process
• Service Base Class
• Service Installer and Service
• Process installer
• Register Data Base of Services
• Install util utility

Localization and Globalization

• Resource file creation

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