About UiPath

About UiPath Training to make you expert it rpa, it is one of the best robotic process automation tools, it’s a complete software solution which automates an organization everyday tasks.  It converts complicated tasks into pure Ui automation, so the work will be very easier and quicker.  By using diagrams and flowcharts we can setup the automation activities by using UiPath workflow designer.  Using UiPath studio it’s easier to automate the processes.  By using drag and drop options we can configure and perform automation very faster, more people can work on the same workflow it gives shareable and reusable components between projects and teams.


What you will learn in this UiPath online training Course?

Few things I would say and some may be irrelevant, depending on what you are automating.

        1.Have a good/excellent knowledge of Excel, Macro, Access and in general Microsoft office applications

  1. Have a fair knowledge of JavaScript. I will emphasise Vanilla Javascript. This comes handy when automating web applications
  2. Have a good understanding of programming languages such as C#/VB/Java/J#. They come in handy when you are trying to build up a code stage
  3. Have a good understanding of SOLID principles, that helps you develop a quality process in terms of layout and in terms of delegating responsibility
  4. You should know how to write codes according to good coding standards


Who should take this UiPath Online Training Course?

Anyone with basic .Net programming knowledge can take-up this course.

Fresher graduates

Working professionals

Business intelligence professionals

Digital Marketing professionals


Why This UiPath Course?

HP, Capgemini, Accenture, Xchanging, Symphony, Virtusa and many more top IT Companies prefer UiPath certification.  It’s the leading RPA agent giving an entire software platform to encourage companies efficiently automate their business processes.  UiPath enables to create, deploy & maintain a full-fledged robot staff that imitates employees in managing rule-based jobs & relieves from the regular routine of the rote task.



What are the prerequisites for taking this UiPath?

The candidates with basic programming knowledge should opt for this training.


What are the objectives and learning outcomes of UiPath training online?

The Uipath online course focus on boosting the skills of automation professional and fill the demand and supply gap for UiPath professionals.  After completing the uipath certification training course, one can simply work with different organizations at some of the well known positions with very good salary range.


Who should opt for UiPath Certification course?

Generally, anyone can go with this course.  However, those with a background in automation, IT and engineering have a lot to learn.  Also, it is beneficial for


Automation engineers

IT professionals


What projects are included in online UiPath training?

A few projects are based on enhancing the automation skills of trainees.  They are also introduced to large scale automation and the key problems which are associated with them.


Scope of UiPath:

It’s better to know the scope of Robotic process automation and UiPath before learning UiPath RPA tool.  I’ll tell you the scope of UiPath and RPA developer.  Some of the technologies accompanying this trend include machine learning and big-data technologies.   And the connection between these platforms and automation is robotic process automation (RPA) which draws from each of these systems to position itself as one of the leading automation technologies.  Today, RPA has transformed how companies across the globe approach their business activities, especially in terms of enhancing and streamlining operations.  We cannot know exactly how automation technologies will unfold in upcoming years, yet we have good indication that the future of RPA is very promising.


How to get certified in UiPath?

UiPath Studio professionals can go with the following options as per their wish

Beginner’s Diploma in UiPath

Advanced Diploma in UiPath with RPA


UiPath Course Outline

Basic familiarization to RPA
Control Flow

UI Automation
UI Elements

Selectors and Screen Scraping
Screen Scraping

Image Automation
Image and Test based Automation
Advanced Citrix Automation

Data Manipulation
Data Table

Mail, PDF, User Events
Mail PDF
User Events

Putting It All Together
Project Organization
Exceptions And Debugging

UiPath Infrastructure and administration
UiPath and area of RPA it is associated with
UiPath setup
Connecting different systems and the problems associated
Managing solutions
UiPath RPA features
Problem solving

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