Who are all Needed for Redhat Course?

  • All the IT professionals can do this course
  • Experienced Linux Administrators can do this course
  • Who are all more interested to work in Redhat
  • The person works with the Operating system
  • All the system administrators can do this Redhat course
  • Person who want to improve their carrier in Red Hat
  • Who are all want to improve their carrier opportunities
  • The person who likes to Make their profile strong can lean Red Hat course
  • Experienced Senior system administrator can learn this course


Why Choose Online Training IO for Red Hat Training Course?

  • Learn Redhat course with Experienced Professionals in that same industry
  • Peridot systems provide more Practical classes with different types of  projects
  • Provide the training with different Red Hat working methods
  • All the projects are implemented in reality as the same style followed by the company and analyse the result
  • Conduct the course with the proper redhat guidelines and provide authentic training in our institute
  • All our trainers are having more experience in Redhat , so we give assurance to provide industry based training
  • Start the course with the basics of Linux operating methods and fundamental details needed Redhat course
  • Provide the details about advanced development in Redhat with the help of our experienced trainers
  • We only focus on quality in our Red Hat training
  • Collect only affordable fees with more training
  • Tools which are needed for red hat is given freely in our institute
  • All the training materials are provided with free of cost
  • Provides job assurance to your job

What are the prerequisites for Redhat Course?

  • Need a experience as system administrator
  • Need an administrator level knowledge in Linux Environment


Scope of RedHat

RHCE Certification is also one of the most demanding types of course that proves your ability to securely deploy and configure networking services on Linux servers running Red Hat Enterprise Linux. It is also the right option to enhance your knowledge and skill in areas of Linux system automation and administration.


Certification of RedHat

  • RedHat Certification.


Redhat Course Outline


Red Hat Certified System Administrator

  • What GNU/Linux?
  • Create and how to use virtual machines
  • Red Hat Enterprise
  • Basic Unix command
  • Create text files using vim
  • Manage local Linux groups and users
  • file system permission with Control access
  • Control access files with (ACL)access control lists
  • Partitions, Add disks and Linux file systems
  • Manage logical volume management (LVM) storage
  • Install and update packages
  • Manage and Monitor priority of Linux
  • Schedule future Linux tasks: Crond
  • Control/Managing services and daemons
  • Configure and secure OpenSSH
  • Analyze and store system log files
  • Configure and secure OpenSSH
  • Control and troubleshoot the RHEL boot process


Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE = SA3)

  • Control services and daemons
  • Manage Red Hat Enterprise Linux networking
  • Connect to network-defined users: LDAP connectivity
  • Configure and troubleshoot basic IPv6 networking
  • Configure link aggregation and bridging
  • Limit network communication with basic firewall
  • Control network security: SELinux
  • Manage DNS for servers
  • Configure email delivery: Relay emails to SMTP gateway
  • Provide block-based storage: iSCSI target and inititor
  • Configuring NFS and CIFS/Samba (SMB) server
  • Configure MariaDB databases
  • Provide Apache HTTPD web service
  • Write simple shell scripts using Bash
  • Bash conditionals and control structures
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