What are the objectives and learning outcomes of OpenText course?

OpenText manages content or unstructured data for large enterprises, government agencies, and other service firms. OpenText course completely aims its products at address information management requirements, large volumes of content, compliance and other mobile and online experience management. From OpenText course, you get a clear picture of:

OpenText for SAP Solutions Components
Customizing for SAP IM
Document Archiving with Workflow
Desktop Link
External Viewing Applications / Protocols
HTTP Communication
SAP Authorization for Documents
Related Jobs and Positions in the Industry

OpenText certification Course leads the Enterprise Information Management, aiding customers to create a Digital-First World by transforming, and accelerating the required information needs.


Who should opt for OpenText online course?

As such there are no prerequisites for learning OpenText. However, with a number of opportunities in the field, the following job roles will get benefited from this OpenText course:

Content Server
Business Analysts
Software Professionals
OpenText Developers
End Users
Aspirants aiming a career in the prospective field.


What are the prerequisites for OpenText Course?

There are no prerequisites for learning this course


OpenText Course Outline


OpenText overView
Vendor Invoice Management (VIM) Overview
OpenText for SAP Solutions Components
SAP Archivelink Overview and Customizing for SAP IM (VIM)
Role Resolution
Creation of Organizational Units and Work center points
OCR and Invoice Capture Center (ICC)
Non OCR and Non ICC OCR
Invoice Exception Processing
Invoice Approvals
VIM Integration – OTE Overview
Integrated Invoice Cockpit
VIM Reports
Administrative Tasks
Overview – SAP Archiving Solutions
Overview of Open Text Solutions for SAP
Open Text Archiving for SAP Solutions
What is SAP ArchiveLink?
ArchiveLink Initial Customizing
Communication Setup
Print List Archiving
Document Archiving with Workflow
Document Archiving with Workflow: Customizing – 1
Document Archiving with Workflow -2
Creation of Organizational Units and Work center
Late Archiving with Barcode
Archiving into SAP Business Workplace
Archiving from Frontend / Protocols
External Viewing Applications / Protocols
HTTP Communication
Remote Standby with HTTP Content Server
Archiving Outgoing Documents
SAP Authorization for Documents
Practice Test & Interview Questions

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