About OpenSpan

It enables to deliver user process improvement solutions for customers in virtually in any of the Industry anywhere in the world. This course also includes Developing Open Span Solutions and Projects, Defining Web Adapter Properties, Events, and Methods, Building Project Files, Working with Web Adapter Match Rules. You will also learn Interrogating a Web Application, Using Studio’s Diagnostics Publishers, Working with Activities and Active MDI Windows, Recommended Practices in Solution Development, Handling Errors and etc.

“OpenSpan enables Global 2000 enterprises to dramatically improve productivity of their employees by providing a simplified way in which to integrate data between applications and build automation to replace tasks”

What you will learn in this Openspan online training Course?

    • Leverages knowledge in Windows Integration and Interaction Framework
    • Acquires skills in Windows Adapter and Open Span Automations
    • Working knowledge with MDI Child windows
    • Acquires skills in working with activities and active MDI windows
    • Defining various events and methods with automating the training website
    • Agile Desktop and Deployment Framework with various Building project files
    • Using Configuration Project items and Open Span Management control
    • Diagnostics and Debugging

Who should take this Openspan Online Training Course?

It is the right career opportunity for every aspirant to look in the newly growing field.Flowchart designers


End Users

Job Seekers


Business Process Employees

can easily acquire skills in complete configuration of robots using verified implementation methodologies and tools to enhance organizational development.

What are the Prerequisites of this OpenSpan course?

There are no particular pre-requisites of this course. Aspirants who have basic knowledge in any of the programming languages will be added a career

OpenSpan RPA Course Outline

OpenSpan is a global leader providing fundamental skills of Desktop automation

Business Process Employees
End Users
IT Professionals
Job Seekers
Flowchart Designers
Windows Integration
Getting Started with Open Span Studio
Developing Open Span Solutions and Projects
Working with Open Span Automations
Working with the Windows Adapter
Working with MDI Child Windows
Defining Windows Adapter Design Properties
Recommended Practices in Solution Development
Recommended Practices for Solution Building

Interaction Framework
Working with Activities and Active MDI Windows.
Working with Interaction Framework.

Web Integration
Defining Web Adapter Properties, Events, and Methods
Interrogating a Web Application
Automating the Training Web Site
Using the Web Adapter
Working with Web Adapter Match Rules

Project Deployment
Deploying OpenSpan Solutions
Using Configuration Project Items
Using OpenSpan Management Console
Building Project Files

Diagnostics and Debugging
Debugging OpenSpan Projects
Using Studio’s Diagnostics Publishers
Handling Errors