Microsoft Dynamics NAV

About Microsoft Dynamics NAV

In this course we “show you the ropes” of Microsoft Dynamics NAV.  The training starts with a basic overview explaining the ERP concept in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.  We will process some transactions and check them so discover how easy the can be found afterwards.


What are the objectives of Microsoft Dynamics NAV Course?

This course provides knowledge and insight into the financial management application setup process.  The focus is on advanced financial functions within the organization such as Intrastat, multicurrency, cost accounting, cash flow forecast, E-Services and document management, budgets, XBRL, financial reporting, and the VAT rate change tool.


What are the prerequisites of Microsoft Dynamics NAV Course?

No prior knowledge is necessary. This is the basic course for any further training.


Who should do Microsoft Dynamics NAV

The training is for anyone interested in Dynamics NAV on both a technical or functional (logistics/ financials) level.


Certification of Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Certification


Microsoft Dynamics NAV Course Outline


 Dynamics CRM Overview
Lesson and Module Summary
In this module I went through a brief overview of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  We covered the basic functional areas such as sales, marketing, and client care.  We discussed deployment options of on-premise, online and even partner hosted.  We discussed the difference between forms, fields, entities and records.  We also discussed the entity relationship model and security as well as navigation.  In the next module I’ll cover working with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.


 Working with Dynamics CRM
Working with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Video Transcript
Lesson 1: Accounts & Contacts
Lesson 2: Collaboration Pane
Show Me: Create Activities on Contacts or Accounts
Lesson 3: Views
Lesson 4: Data Import
Module 2 Key Take Away
Module 2: Labs and Exercises
Practice 2.1: Create an Account
Practice 2.3: Work with a View
Things to think about:


 Processes and Scenarios
Lesson 1: Sales Scenario
Lesson 2: Service Scenario
Lesson 3: Marketing Scenario
Module 3 Key Take Away
Module 3: Labs and Exercises
Practice 3.1: Create an Opportunity
Practice 3.2: Process a Case
Practice 3.3: Create a Marketing List
Things to think about:


 Working With Data
Lesson 1: Quick Find and Filtering
Lesson 2: Advanced Find and Saved Views
Lesson 3: Data Export
Lesson 4: Reports
Lesson 5: Charts
Lesson 6: Dashboards
Module 4 Key Take Away
Module 4: Labs and Exercises
Practice 4.2: Create a Saved View
Practice 4.3: Create a Chart
Practice 4.4: Create a Dashboard

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