Business Process Management BPM Training Course

BPM Training Course Content Detailed Below:


Architectural Overview

  • Components of OBPM
  • Working with Studio

Building the Basic Process

  • Introducing Processes
  • Using Studio to Model a Process
  • The Anatomy of a Process

OBPM Flow Elements

  • BPM Modeling Elements
  • Activities
  • Events
  • Gateways
  • Global Activities
  • Artifacts

Using Variables

  • Overview of Variables Within an OBPM Process
  • Scopes and Types of Variables
  • Mapping Variables

Process Business Language (PBL) Basics

  • Language Basics
  • Interacting with Users
  • Control Flow
  • Transition Logic
  • Debugging Your Code

Using Roles and Participants

  • Organization Basics
  • Organizational Elements

Using the WorkSpace to Test a Process

  • Overview of the WorkSpace
  • Using the WorkSpace to Test a Process
  • WorkSpace Panels and Settings
  • The Effect of Roles and Permissions in the WorkSpace

Building Screenflows

  • Overview of Screenflows
  • Creating a Screenflow
  • Mapping Data To and From a Screenflow

Using BPM Objects

  • Introducing BPM Objects
  • Creating a Presentation
  • Creating a BPM Object Containing a Group
  • Displaying and Testing
  • Using Object Attributes, Methods, and Presentations
  • Creating a BPM Object
  • Using Submit and Cancel Effectively

Using Split and Multiple Gateways

  • Overview of the Split-Join Circuit
  • Creating a Split Gateway
  • Releasing Copies
  • Multiple Gateway Performance Issues
  • Overview of the Multiple-Join Circuit
  • Creating a Multiple Gateway

Integrating Database Components

  • Database Integration: The Mechanics
  • Working with Embedded SQL
  • Displaying Database Data

Using Subprocesses

  • Calling a Subprocess
  • Using Dynamic Subprocesses
  • Creating a Dynamic Subprocess
  • Creating a Subprocess

Handling Exceptions: the Basics

  • OBPM Exception Handling
  • Working With Exceptions
  • Exception Handler Flows

Coding Dashboards

  • Overview of Dashboards
  • Server-Side/Client-Side Issues
  • Coding Dashboards
  • Creating Drill Down Dashboards

The above detailed BPM Course Content will be updated according to the Technology Updates that are keep on changing in Global Information Technology Scenarios.

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